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About Us

Welcome to Minnie and Moon, where the quality, beauty, and sustainability is considered for each and every item. Our well-made treasures are designed to be both beautiful and useful, high-quality tools and unique gifts that are crafted to hold up to the rigors of the creative home and garden. Whenever possible, we use natural materials and manufacture in the USA. The sustainability of our products, packaging and shipping supplies is carefully considered.

The company is named after my grandmothers. Minnie ran the family hardware store, and Moon, the descendent of Danish homesteaders, passed down the practical skills of gardening, cooking, and cultivating a warm and welcoming home. Those two influences are what inspire the products we sell. Through Minnie’s side of the family I started visiting European tool factories at an early age to see how good quality was produced, learning the difference between products that look nice, and those that really last.

Through Minnie and Moon I am proud to support other small businesses, and to operate with strong sense of environmental stewardship, working to reduce waste through the entire life of the products we sell, and how we operate.

Thanks for visiting, and please reach out with any questions.