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About Us

Minnie and Moon is named after my grandmothers, but really represents the values of my family: Support of small business and good quality products. Appreciation for quality food, and that every meal is an excuse to light candles. Cultivating a warm and nurturing home and garden, regardless of how much space you have. Environmental stewardship and working to reduce plastic use. A love of nature and natural materials. Finding joy in simple pleasures, like good music, a glass of wine, a walk after dinner.

The history of my family is what led to the inception of Minnie and Moon. Involved in the hardware and tool business for generations, my dad took me on tours of European tool factories as a kid to see how good quality things were produced. I was exposed to beautifully made products from an early age, learning the difference between things that just look nice, and those that really last.

The quality, beauty, sourcing, sustainability, aesthetic, is considered for each item. Everything we offer is designed to work well, and to last or to be used up. as intended, like a nicely made beeswax candle.

These are the things that inspire and bring Minnie and Moon into being every day.