About Minnie and Moon

Posted by Emma Kelly on Aug 22nd 2017

Minnie and Moon is more than an assortment of beautifully made products. When an item is considered for our collection, we look at the functionality, beauty, materials, and manufacturing source. It is important to us that we make decisions that support our passion to:

  • Offer products that really work and stand up to the rigors of a vibrant home
  • Value quality workmanship and materials
  • Consider the environmental impact, from materials and packaging to shipping supplies and what will happen when the product is eventually discarded
  • Work with reputable manufacturers and support other small businesses in our day to day operations

The company was named after my grandmothers: Minnie’s family ran a hardware store supplying agricultural supplies to the vineyards of Napa Valley, California – before she moved to San Francisco to run a hardware store with her husband. It’s through this lineage I gained an education and appreciation for quality tools and manufacturing. Moon was a descendent of Danish homesteaders on the Central California Coast, it is through this line I learned to appreciate gardening, cooking, good simple living, and a down to earth practicality.

We love and appreciate the values we share with our customers and will continue to search the world for products that stand up to our high standards and desire to make a positive impact on the world.