New! Minnie and Moon Dish and Hand Towel

New! Minnie and Moon Dish and Hand Towel

Posted by Emma on Aug 31st 2020

After years of searching, we have finally found a dish towel worthy to be sold by Minnie and Moon. We had long ago found a great flour sack towel and dishcloth, but a beautiful hand and dish towel that dries and functions well has been elusive. We have come across plenty of beautiful textiles, but all just move the water around in attempts to dry - or have high maintenance care. But this one is different. I expected it might just make a great tea towel to line a tray or to rest dishes on, but was thrilled to discover it dries beautifully. One of the ways I know I found the right cloth is that when I go to grab a towel from the drawer I’m disappointed when they are all in the wash. Then one day my son was drying some dishes and commented on how well they dry…as if I wasn’t sold already, my 20 teenage son commenting on the quality of a kitchen towel was an unexpected bonus endorsement.  Thick and absorbent, they are perfect for drying your hands, your dishes, or folded on the side of the sink to place your hand washed dishes.  They look gorgeous hanging in the kitchen, and pretty enough to be used as a hand towel in your bathroom.

36” x 18” Made in Turkey 100% cotton Oeko tek certified, to ensure no harmful chemicals Machine wash & dry

Here is a breakdown of the benefits and uses of our textiles:

Minnie and Moon Perfect Dishcloth Fantastic quality cleaning cloth throughout the home. Use wet or dry Perfect for cleaning dishes and counters Doesn’t get musty! Double weave design is absorbent for cleaning up spills - even big ones! Use dry in place of disposable floor cleaning cloths or dusting Great for cleaning just about anything around the home...or car, garage, workshop.

Minnie and Moon Kitchen/Hand Towel A beautiful towel for general drying of hands and dishes. Luxurious hand towel Actually dries dishes! Soft & absorbent surface for air drying dishes Gorgeous tea towel

Minnie and Moon Flour Sack Towels Thin, tightly woven towel for cooking, herb drying, and cleaning Thin, lint free fabric Ideal surface for drying seeds & herbs Great for straining yogurt and other times fine straining is required Streak free cleaning of windows & mirrors – great with white vinegar Perfect for drying glasses & crystal