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Pumpkin Shaped No-Knead Bread

Pumpkin Shaped No-Knead Bread

Posted by Emma on Oct 29th 2020

Here is a festive adaptation to the bread recipe shared on the blog recently, It takes just a few extra minutes to create a this darling pumpkin shaped loaf. 

Add to step 5 of bread blog: 

a) Careful not to burn yourself...using four long pieces of cooking twine, lay out eight somewhat even sections the bottom of the pan after pre-heating. 



b) Drop the loaf into the hot pan, on top of the twine

c) Gently tie the twine at the top of the loaf and cut off any excess. Don't make it tight, as the bread will rise and the string will get stuck in the bread. Just ever so slightly loose around the dough.

d) Replace the top on the dutch oven and put back in  the hot oven. Bake according to original directions

e) When you remove from the oven, cut and remove twine!

If desired, use a clean branch or cinnamon stick to add a stem to your pumpkin!