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Hand Made Garden Trug. USA. Small

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Ideal for hanging in the crook of your arm as you harvest flowers or vegetables or tote tools and supplies around the garden. Designed to be used, yet gorgeous filled with matches and twigs sitting by the fireplace, or piled high with apples on the kitchen counter. Sure to become a well loved treasure in any home or garden.

These hand-crafted trugs are light weight, yet durable and made to last. Constructed of Pacific Northwest Myrtlewood and fastened with copper nails. The trugs are dipped in food safe mineral oil for a lovely natural finish.

Made one at a time by US craftsmen to be strong, functional, and incredibly beautiful. Keep in mind each trug will have some variation due to the unique grain of the wood, and the hand made nature of the product.:

Small 14” x 7” x 8” (handle)