Minnie and Moon Turkish Towels by the pool

Ten Things we Love About Turkish Towels

  • Fast Drying: Whether line drying or in the dryer, these towels dry incredible fast. Even dried over a hook it is always dry for the next use. At the beach it can be used as a towel during the day, it will be dry in no time and can be used as a wrap if it gets cold in the evening.
  • Less Washing: Because the towels dry fast, they stay fresh significantly longer and need to be washed less frequently. These is far less opportunity for growth of mildew and bacteria than can form in the dampness of terry cloth towels.This, along with less dry time make these an environmentally friendly choice for greener living.
  • Easy Storage: While the towels are extra large, they fold down extra small. A bath sheet that folds down to about the size of a hand towel. This makes them perfect for homes with limited storage, apartment living, travel, dorm rooms, and more.
  • Sand Free: Perfect for use at the beach, as sand with come right off, leaving less sand on you, in the car, or in your home!
  • Soft & Absorbent: We only put our name on Turkish towels that are soft and absorbent. Some Turkish towels are thin and not terribly absorbent. At Minnie and Moon, if we don’t love it we won’t sell it!
  • Long Lasting: Our towels are designed to hold up to regular use and washings. We even ensure our fringe is tied for longevity, as we found twisted tassels are highly likely to come undone in the wash.
  • Great Coverage: The extra large size gives ample coverage for all shapes and sizes, plus the flat woven design will hold when you tuck it into place!
  • Variety: You never have to guess which towel is yours! The beautiful variety of complementary colors and styles means everyone can have their own color at the beach or in the bathroom.
  • Endless uses: Bath, Beach, Pool, Yoga, Gym, Boating, Camping, Travel, Throw, Shawl, Sarong, Cover-up, Baby Blanket, Picnic Blanket, and more!
  • Beautiful: These towels are truly beautiful, but we love that their beauty is the least interesting thing about them!


We would love to hear how you use your Minnie and Moon Turkish Towel!

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