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Why is it the Perfect Dishcloth?

Why is this the perfect dishcloth?  I have long worked to reduce the waste in my own home, cutting down on the number of disposable cleaning products I use has been a part of that journey. Once upon a time I purchased dishcloth after dishcloth, only to find that they shrunk, got horribly musty and smelly, didn’t absorb, wash, or clean well. When I started Minnie and Moon I continued that search, trying dishcloths from around the world, looking for one that cleaned well, washed perfectly, and was a good value. When I found these, the search ended.

Here are the top five things I love about these dishcloths, and why they earned the perfect title:

Versatile: These cleaning cloths can be used for washing dishes, wiping counters, polishing woodwork, a replacement for disposable dry mopping cloths, cleaning sinks and tubs. dusting, and much more. These are a great alternative to sponges and far more versatile. Note, if you are looking for cloths for drying, our tea towels are fantastic for drying hands and dishes. And our natural, unbleached cotton flour sack cloths work great for lint free drying of glasses and mirrors (as well as a number of other uses around the home)

Functional: The cloths are double woven, meaning there are two layers of fabric, which helps when picking up  larger spills, and allows them to dry quickly without getting smelly. Plus they are incredibly soft, yet the weave offers a bit of grit when needed.

Easy Care: Just throw in the washer and dryer!

Long Lasting: One of the things I love most about these is that the cloths last a really long time,  even with heavy repeated use and frequent washings

Economical: I was thrilled that the best dishcloths I could find are made in the USA and the price is much lower than other cloths that didn’t work as well. Each package contains four cloths.

I want to note that Minnie and Moon sells virtually nothing with plastic – we even work behind the scenes to eliminate plastic as much as possible on every step of manufacturing, packaging, distribution, and shipping of Minnie and Moon products... yet these are a cotton/poly blend. There was not a cloth that came in as a close second to these, and because they work so well, wash so easily, last so long, and replace so many disposable products, I felt that these cloths earned a spot here at Minnie and Moon and in my home. 

- Emma


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