Why We Love Flour Sack Cloths

Why We Love Flour Sack Cloths


Here at Minnie and Moon we only sell quality products that we love and would use in our own homes. Our range of textiles includes absorbent tea towels for drying hands and dishes, and our fantastic USA made dishcloths for washing dishes and counters and cleaning up spills. But here we are focusing on our Flour Sack Towels, why we love them, and  some the many ways that we use them.

Flour sack cloths are a simple but an important staple in the home, especially if you are looking to make your home more environmentally friendly and use less paper towels and disposable cleaning products. These towels can be used for cooking, straining, baking, cleaning, covering. And because they are lint and streak free, they are ideal for cleaning and polishing glass, mirrors, and appliances. 

Some of our favorite uses for these humble cloths:

  • Spray white vinegar on windows or mirrors then use these cloths to wipe clean. This works far better than commercial cleaning products and disposable cloths, and without chemicals!
  • Great for streak free drying of glasses & crystal
  • Ideal for covering or wrapping rising dough
  • Perfect for lint free dusting around the house.
  • Can be used as a reusable substitute for cheesecloth when fine straining is needed in the kitchen – from stock, to making your own Greek yogurt.
  • Wrap up leafy greens in a moistened flour sack cloth to keep crisp in fridge
  • Because of the fine weave, we use these as a surface for laying out herbs to dry. Also great for seed saving. We just lay the plant material on top and the tightly knit cloths catch the seeds as they dry. 
  • These are also great for general dish drying, though we like our tea towels even better for that purpose
  • A perfect cloth for polishing silver or jewelry.

In searching for the perfect cloth, we sampled around a dozen different  flour sack towels to find the best quality and value. Unlike some of the thin and poorly finished towels we tried, the towel we settled on is oversized and thick, and with much better drying ability than the other towels we tested.  We chose unbleached cotton, since flour sack towels are great for straining foods, covering rising bread dough and other kitchen tasks where you may not wish to use a bleached towel. We also love the natural look. We sell these without any printing or embroidery, as these are meant to be used and washed heavily!

 We hope you enjoy this kitchen towel staple as much as we do, and would love to hear the ways you use flour sack cloths in your homes!

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